With the development of the times and high inflation and population the need for energy and natural resources increases, beside with the increasing of environmental pollution, therefore it is our duty to maintain a clean environment and preserve its natural resources and energy sources in them.

So we established our company (World of Environment) in coordination and cooperation with major international companies operating in markets protecting the environment and saving energy sources and recycling of waste and the development of production systems, and constant communion with the institutes and universities in the world, to convey scientific research summary and application on the ground. That we have our experiences and our research applied on the ground in many countries of the world in general and in the Syrian Arab Republic _medinh Aleppo private, and in the field of mixing water with fuel fuel at rates 75% viol and 25% water, and with a view to improving combustion and saving material Fuel and reduce environmental pollution, where the water is flammable, but it is necessary to create the appropriate conditions where the water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen, the hydrogen burns and oxygen is an aid to the combustion, and has received the subject of welcome and approval of owners and ironing plants consumed for fuel because it is economically feasible, and is currently applied in More than one plant in the city of Aleppo, also met with acceptance of the gentlemen specialists in the Ministry of Electricity, where the initial agreement with the Ministry of Electricity to the application of this research in all electricity consumed for the generation of fuel stations in the Syrian Arab Republic. And we still are taking to apply this research to all facilities consuming fuel material.