equipment and know-how for:

- fuel oil saving ( black oil, fuel oil, shipboard, furnace oil, coking fuel ) on the industrial boilers and furnaces;

- complete combustion of viscous, poor quality and watered substandard black oil, slurry fuel, coke-chemical fuel and fuel oil; for boilers and furnaces efficiency upgrading;

- emulsification dispersion homogenization pretreatment fuel burning water fuel oil emulsion;

- reduction of deposits on the heat exchangers surfaces, reduction emission and energy intensity, less clogging of injectors and combustion intensification;

- composition of polycomponent fuel blends, emulsified water-residual and water-fuel blends; different liquids flow mixing and combustion catalyst introduction into liquid fuel.

TRGA are the devices that proved their reliability, long service life, easy mounting and user friendliness; high operation specifications with various fuels in the conditions of the long-term real industrial operation at more than 97 objects.

TRGA devices are subject to constantly upgrading, involving the advanced techniques, on the basis of feedback with all clients and industrial testing.